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"Quality is in the detail". For over 10 year we aim to build the best stick headphone that should withstand heavy use, provide superb audio quality and detailed finish.

We developed a unique metal stick that will last a lifetime with a reinforced fixation of the ear cup. The foam grip and metal stick provide the best ergonomics for dj's in order to que and monitor comfortably. All Stickphones are detachable for service purposes.

The lollipop is ideal for DJs who want to maintain a deep connection with the dance floor by mixing with the room's PA rather than locking themselves away behind the sound of their own headphones.

Designed and hand build in the Netherlands to complement DJ's all over the world.

Unique metal stick


Superb audio quality  

Detailed finish 

Detachable for service

Worldwide shipping

Secure payment


SONY DL 745 Extreme


Cueing tracks the old school way with our best selling DL700 series stick headphone. The original speaker driver is modded to deliver extreem audio performance. Providing punchy low end at all audio levels with minimum of distortion. The stickphone features an ideal 45 degree bended metal stick with EVA foam grip and has been described as being "perfect for extended DJ sets" at home and in live performing situations.


We hand build all our stick headphones to order. Making use of only original ear cups and parts from well known brands. Providing the best audio quality, manufacturing metal sticks for extra durability and weight, plus adding firm Eva foam grips. The premium ear pads enhance the bass respons of the speaker driver and create a well balanced and accurate sound.

Building on the succeses of populaire brands, Deeplicious-DJ is aiming at demanding DJ's who want to compliment their High-end setup either at home or in the club.  

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DJ Rosario Cristofaro - Italy | DL700 Black Edition

"Beautiful, practical, resistant, comfortable, unprecedented acoustic quality, thanks also for the professionalism and speed of delivery, thanks"

Scott Black | Sony DL700 Stickphone

Black Edition

So I received my stickphone a few weeks ago and I'm blown away by the quality!
From the finish, to the ergonomics with the single bend handle, to the deeper earpad, and the solid cabling... Everything is spot on!
The turnaround time was really quick too.
Now I just can't wait to use it.

Dawidh Hannah | AIAIAI DL-S01

"Deeplicious-DJ - really great piece of gear. Never had such a well balanced Stickphone, either they where to light weight or to chunky. Sounds great- its the TMA Version, I use also the TMA2 headphone this one is a real match for me. Thanks Tim Buursink for the great work and fast shipping!"

Ed Ayala | AIAIAI Stickphone Red Edition

"Thanks Tim for this great headphone. Quality piece which not only is beautifully designed but sounds great. I have been DJing for over 40 years and this is the most comfortable and clear sounding headphone I have ever used."

S├ębastien G. | AIAIAI DL-S01 

"Finally a product that exudes quality and has nothing to envy to others on the contrary, the construction and the sound it delivers are perfect, thank you Tim for your remarkable work."

DJ Harvey Harris | Sony DL700 Original 

"I love it, exactly as advertised.. Best I ever had" 

Eric Coates | Sony DL700 Stickphone 
Black Edition

"I want to thank you for such a beautiful and wonderful working product. Very Happy."

Dr. Adam | Sony DL700 Stickphone
Black Edition 
"I'm very satisfied with this product. It's easy to use due to it's low weight. High quality, excellent design, well done!"

Tommy Tee Gomez | Sony DL700 Stickphone Black Edition

"Excellent built and sound quality. Just what a DJ needs when mixing many hours. Highly recommended. Thank you Deeplicious-DJ"

Sophia Papa | Sony Stickphone Z-shaped Original 

"Thanks so much for this guys! It's amazing.
It's a game changer."

Marc Brum | AIAIAI Stickphone Red Edition

"Welcome home my dear! Many thanks to Deeplicious-DJ. Only high quality!"

Danny M | AIAIAI Stickphone 

"I have to say I'm incredibly impressed with your work. The build quality and feel is great. Better than anything I've seen from NYC. I could not recommend you enough" 

DJ Big Ray Mojica | DL Stickphone Black Edition

"I want to say thanks to Tim outstanding Stickphone. The construction and the sound quality all extremely awesome. Great job Tim I'll be rocking days for many years to come".

Daisuke Miyamoto (Orienta-Rhythm) 
DL Stickphone

This stickphone has a refined design with a high quality and easy to use. I got the best buddy. Thank you so much.

Big respect from Japan.

Shota Yamaguchi | AIAIAI Stickphone

"Thank you for the perfect product.This stickphone is of great quality!
It goes very well with urei1620.
Thanks Tim."

DJ Nef Padilla | DL Stickphone
Z-shaped (Type 1200)

"Good quality, construction and beautiful. Thank you very much!"

DJ Carmine Nappi | DL Stickphone Z-shaped (black & yellow)

"You are of a unique gallantry in the world, I do not know how to thank you for all you have done for me, you are the number one" 

DJ Davey Waxx Verhaeghe | DL Stickphone 

"OMG...I know how she sounds because she was traveling with me for more than 10 years! Now she's back after repair and update....and so ready to go on the road and play gigs together! Look what a beauty......Thank you Tim"

DJ Johan Hermansson | DL Stickphone straight

"Hi Tim! My stickphone has worked very well. I'm totally satisfied with the stickphone"

DJ Toby Doman | Fauve Radio Hongkong
DL Stickphone Z-shaped

"All received. Really good unit, very solid. Thanks Tim"

Fabrizio Deep | Bozak Transformer

"Fitted and tested today on my CMA. I leave original USA plug but finally no external step down needed ­čśŹ great work. Thanks a lot!"

DJ Tymen Jans | 27street | DL Stickphone

"Perfect fit and detailed finish. Good quality, Thank you very much"

King Kitsch | Bozak Transformer

Bozak heart transplantation accomplished. Original 110v transformer replaced by new 220v one. It fits perfect and looks exactly the same as the original trafo. I'm very happy with the result. Thanks Tim Buursink for your service and making products like this available.