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SONY DL 700 BLACK €239,-


- Switchcraft XLR connector
- Kevlar wrap 3m
- LED indicator (optional)
- Internal wirering
- Metal tube (ma-press fixation)
- Z-shaped grip for more comfort
- 21cm black EVA foam grip
- Reinforced ear cup
- Acoustic foam (internal)
- Extra thick ear pad for improved bass reproduction
- Custom black 2k paint
- Detachable cable 1.5m
- XLR Neutrick & 6.3mm 90° Jack Black
- Travel bag
- Genuine Sony MDR-V700DJ conversion

All stickphones are tested and approved for the use on the following mixers: 

Allen & Heath V6 | Urei 1620 | Urei 1603 | Rodec | Alpha Recordings | E&S DJR 400 | Numark PPD MMX100 | Pioneer | Bozak

Deeplicious-dj reserves the right to change the specification without notice.


STICKPHONE € 189,00 

Deeplicious-DJ provides multiple options to customize your stickphone. Please feel free to use the order & quotation form to create your desired specifications. Our services include conversions and repairs of your own headphones.  


- Sony MDR-V700 DJ Ear cup
- Internal wirering
- Velvet or leather ear pad
- LED signal indicator
- Reinforced fixation of the ear cup
- Heavy duty metal tube stick (21cm length)
- Foam grip

- 50mm driver unit
- Neodymium magnet
- 3.0Watt capacity
- 5~30kHz frequency respons
- 107dB sensitivity
- 280gr.
- 35mm grip diameter

- Switchcraft | Neutrik connector in the grip base
- Detachable audio cable
- Color matching cable (150cm)
- Neutrik connectors
- Color matching snakeskin cable sleeving
- Extra ear pads
- Travel bag


DJ Davey Waxx Verhaeghe | DL Stickphone 

"OMG...I know how she sounds because she was traveling with me for more than 10 years! Now she's back after repair and update....and so ready to go on the road and play gigs together! Look what a beauty......Thank you Tim"

DJ Carmine Nappi | DL Stickphone Z-shaped (black & yellow)

"You are of a unique gallantry in the world, I do not know how to thank you for all you have done for me, you are the number one"

DJ Johan Hermansson | DL Stickphone straight

"Hi Tim! My stickphone has worked very well. I'm totally satisfied with the stickphone"

DJ Toby Doman | Fauve Radio Hongkong
DL Stickphone Z-shaped

"All received. Really good unit, very solid. Thanks Tim"

DJ Nef Padilla | DL Stickphone
Z-shaped (Type 1200)

"Good quality, construction and beautiful. Thank you very much!"

Fabrizio Deep | DL 40141 Bozak Transformer

Fitted and tested today on my CMA. I leave original USA plug but finally no external step down needed 😍 great work. Thanks a lot! 

DJ Tymen Jans | 27street | DL Stickphone

"Perfect fit and detailed finish. Good quality, Thank you very much"