The ear cup is acoustically improved by adding extra insulation. The thick foam ear cushion improves the bass reproduction. This provides a better monitoring experience. The optional LED is used as an overload protection and indicator. The legendary Sony DJ headphones quality is appreciated by many DJ's for decades.  


All sticks are made from metal tube. This feature is to provide the best possible and long lasting quality to withstand heavy use. The connector is fixed into the tube and pressed to provide a permanent fixation. The base of the ear cup is reinforced and if needed detachable for service or repair. As the turn meganism inside the ear cup is improved it will keep the cup firmly in place. 

Comfort & Controle

No hands are needed for holding the z-shaped stickphone. 

DJ's with "standard" headphones can find themselves locked away in their own audio zone. The stickphone gives you all the freedom not only to que and beat match but also to hear the main PA-system aswel.